Here is The Guide to Select The Right Color for Your Roof

Picking a correct color scheme for the roofing materials can always be quite difficult. But, you won’t have to worry as reputed roofing contractors in Irving TX can very well guide you through the entire process. Any kind of shingles such as metal shingles, asphalt or slate shingles comes with a variety of choice which you can select based on the choice that you might be having.

Besides this, each shingle color is available in multitude of color combinations and shades which you can select accordingly. Make sure that you choose the color combination wisely as you are going to live in the same roof for the next 25-30 years. In order to do so, it is always recommended that you select a good Irving Roofing Company who would assist you in selecting the right color combination for your roof.

So, let us have a look at the things that you should consider:-

  • Pick the Shingles Based on The Color of Your Bricks

When you are selecting the color of the roof, then you should keep one thing in mind that shutter and paint colors can always be changed but the color of the bricks are always permanent. You can start comparing the sample colors available to that of a brick and then move the paint or siding colors.

  • Light Vs Dark Color Roof

A lot of people have a very common query such that whether they should select a light color roof or a dark color roof. Well, if you use black color roof then it is expected to be warmer as compared to a white color roof.

  • Compare the Roofing Materials With The Exterior Paint Color

If you are looking to change the exterior paint colors, then it is always recommend that you compare the new color of the paint with the roofing or shingle samples. All you need to do is pay a visit to the local hardware and further purchase a 2 by 6 foot board and then paint it with new colors that you might be having. After this, put the board on the roofing materials that you are considering and then to the permanent colors of the home that you might be having.

  • Make Use of the Complementary Color Choices

Some of the worst roofing color mistake that has been made by the homeowners is the fact that they select a hue that matches exactly with the brick or siding. It ends up being a boring, monotone and perhaps a lifeless color scheme. It is always recommended that you complement the color instead of matching them exactly.

  • Tone Down the Exterior with a Simple Color of the Shingle

If your home is having multicolor paints or bricks, then it is always recommended that you select a toned down color of the shingle. Too many colors or patterns can be quite overwhelming to the eyes. Besides this, if you are having a home that is having a monotone feels then a vivid color can add great curb appeal.

  • Look at the Roof Shingles in Both Shade as Well as Sun

When you are checking that the roofing materials is matching with the exterior color of the home, then it is always recommended that it is always recommended that you look at the sample shingles in both the shade as well as the sun.

You can put the samples in a sunny place where the color of the brick meet the siding and paint colors and then further check the sample area when it is shaded. You should make sure that all the exterior colors of your room works well in all kinds of lighting.

  • Consider the Resale Value of your Home When You are Choosing the Roof Color

A bright and bold color of the roof looks quite good but it is not necessary that everyone would like it. If you feel to sell your home in the future, then it is always recommended that you opt for a neutral roofing material that would ideally help to protect the resale value that you might be having.

There are various instances where the buyer of the home likes the interior of the homes but at the same time they can get turned off by the roof. If in case you are planning to stay, then it is always recommended that you put a rich and bold color on the roof such that it can add a char to your property.

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