How to examine the hail damage of your roof?

Learning how to examine the hail damage of your roof can potentially help you to speed up the process required for replenishing and cleaning up the roofing material.

In general, you may come across hail damage when rock-like substances hit on your roofgutters as well as roofing components.

It may cause the roofing materials to break off in large or small chunks and hence it is very important that you look after it. So, its advised that you take a quick action for the same and perhaps get in touch with a good contractor for hail damage roof repair.

Today in the following blog we are going to see how to examine hail damage for your roof.

Examine your roof :- All you need to do is take a ladder and perhaps climb it on your roof. Further, soft metals should be inspected such as stacks, vents, plumbing pipe flashing and roof jacks for dents.

In general, hail dents these components before damaging the shingles. In addition, you would get a fair idea regarding the size of the hail that hit your property.

Inspect the Shingles :- To start off, you would have to pay attention towards the dents that might be present in the shingles as well as look out for the granules that might be missing. In addition, hail can cause a lot of damage to the membrane of the roof as well as decrease the lifespan of the roof. If you witness a lot of hail hits on the roof, then you should preferably replace the roof.

Check the gutters and downspouts :- The gutters and downspouts can easily get damaged by the roof and hence you need to assess their condition in a right way. Start off from the ground and then look out for the dents in the gutters. In addition, if your gutters are filled with granules, then there is a good probability that the hail has damaged the shingles and perhaps washed away the granules into the gutters.

Look out for collateral damage :- Collateral damage is something that is quite different from the shingles/roof. Collateral damage can occur to the garage door, wood fence, air conditioning unit etc. due to a hail storm.

Start off with ground level of collateral damage. Begin with the wood fence so find out the marks/spots affected by hails storm. Further go ahead and for windows and look out for the tears that might be present in the screen. In addition, you can even find broken or cracked window panes. Also, look out for the dents in the garage door due to a hail storm.

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