How to Find if Your Deck is Safe or Not?

Summers mean relaxing on the decks and enjoying the sun. While decks are a fun place to hang around, they can be dangerous if not inspected properly from time to time. There are numerous fence and deck builders in Irving who can provide expert assistance. Here are a few signs which help you to ascertain the safety of your deck:

Rotten Wood – Take a screwdriver and pierce into the cracks. If the screwdriver goes directly into the wood or if you feel there is a spongy bit inside, it means that the wood in that particular area is rotten. Check for any similar sponge like wood by inserting the screwdriver in the cracks and checking thoroughly.

Rust on Metal – The metal connectors which are used to attach and create the whole structure into one piece can rust due to weather conditions. If the rust is white it will not create any problem but if it is red rust then it definitely would require repairs. Look for rusted metal by going under the deck and carefully inspecting the metal connectors closely.

Cracks – Large cracks in between the woods can be a major problem. These cracks can disrupt the structural integrity of the entire deck. It is essential to get these cracks repaired especially if you have pets or small kids in your house. There are numerous deck and fence companies in Irving who can help and assist you.

Loose Railings and Posts – Wobbly or loose railings might do the work for a short period of time but they won’t stay for longer durations. Also, look for loose connections between posts and deck’s beam. These if missed, may lead to major mishap.

You should undoubtedly double check the strength on the posts. Hold them with a firm grip and shake them with all your strength to confirm if they are secure. Apart from this, it is advised to check if your railing meets the approved standards. The height of the railing should be at least 3 feet while the balusters should be placed at a distance not wider than 4 inches.

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