What Types of Wood can use for Fencing?

You have bought a piece of land and now you have to fence it. A wide variety of wood is available but the question is which variety you should choose. There are different kinds and grades of wood. Fence company in Irving Tx suggests that the fencing wood should be free of knots, pre treated for rot, termites and insects.

Cedar:- It is a good choice for a fence because it contains a chemical called cypertine. This stops insects from attacking it. This chemical also adds to the life span of the fence. The quality which has been treated to avoid discolouration over time is preferable.

Cypress:- This is a good choice but an expensive one. The plus point, is it is long lasting and strong. It contains natural oils which gives it a pleasant scent.

Fir Wood:- This wood is most often used in fencing because it is pre-treated and coated with chemicals which inhibit termites and rot. This makes it a financially attractive proposition. It is the most used wood for fencing.

Spruce:- Spruce wood is pressure treated to deter insects and termites. It is a popular choice because of its strength. It is reasonably priced so many people opt for this wood when they think of fencing. Spruce wood that has been treated to retain its colour over a period of time is very popular for fencing.

Pine:- A water-repellent stain is used on pine wood which is meant for fencing. This increases durability of the fence by preventing rot. It is often used in picket style fences.

Redwood:- Redwood is a very hard wood. Though it has a beauty of its own, it is very expensive. If your budget is limited or the fence required is very big, redwood is not a choice.

The choice of woods are wide. There are a variety of ways in which they are pre treated to make them strong, attractive and durable is very wide. The choice depends very much on your budget and the amount of wood required.

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